Monday, April 18, 2005

Poor Damaged Boys

Saw Nobby. Apparently two of those nasty little brats from the 'correction' school opposite Hanover Court decided to mug a diminutive school girl. How brave of them. Nobby rushed over to help and they ran away. What proud specimens of manhood they must be! They were later caught. I wonder what terrifying fate awaits them - poor damaged boys - heart bleeds for them. Of course, I immediately started fearing for the fate of Bella. What if one of those little psychopaths (do you sense a somewhat illiberal tone here?) has a history of animal cruelty? Well, he won't have much of a future if he lays a finger on Bella. Can we say 'Claw hammer coming into contact with little psychopathic brat's face'. Where are crusading, socially responsible serial killers like Hannibal Lechter when you need them? (If you remember, he only killed the offensive, obnoxious and the criminal! _That_ was revealed in Hannibal!)

Insomnia strikes.
Anticipate more entries...


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