Friday, April 15, 2005

Tedious Documentary

Just finished viewing a tedious documentary about Houston, Texas on the subject of obesity (‘Houston, we have a problem’’Yes, it’s chronic obesity’). I’d videoed it ages ago but, due to my phenomenally fun-filled life (ha!) did not get to watch it until now. Apparently, Houston is the ‘Obesity Capital’ of America, which makes it the ‘Obesity Capital’ of the world. It consisted of a bunch of overweight people standing around whining about their predicament and wondering how they got into that position. A small clue was provided by the guy who said that he resented walking to the mail box in the morning. ‘Texas is a state that is friendly only to the car,’ said one of the interviewees.

Huh? Have they never heard of recreational walking? Call me unsympathetic but have none of those people ever heard of exercise? Or as a last resort: simply stop eating. I recommend the ‘Puke ‘n’ Lax Diet’®.

It worked for me. Too well, unfortunately


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So your mental problems and eating disorder that are the result of your childhood abuse is acceptable to you, but my mental problems and obesity that is the result of childhood abuse is not? Hypocrite!!!!!!

7:19 am  

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