Sunday, January 08, 2006

Songs of Bedtime

No grand happenings, no great dramas
Just the memory of the fair-skinned babysitter's
Firm handhold as we,– my siblings and me
Danced around the mulberry bush
Everything floods back in a kind of rush
We sing the Songs of Bedtime

The past stands stern, stubborn
Inflexible as an absolute monarch
It rules over this land inside my head
I hear the sound of scents and smell the colours
The wild colours of this bright day

That draws to a close with the songs of bedtime
I have never slept so soundly since
Where has that impenetrable black curtain gone
There is nothing to shut out the day
There is nothing to suppress that white, bright light

Almost to intense to exist within
I miss her touch, that rustic firmness
In the afternoon of her effervescence
I bloomed too, I grew, too big for her
Too big for you. And I knew

When we were through. You took
My expectations, my dreams and gave them voices
But that was then when day was day
And night was night but now everything is congealed
And it is my dark future that is concealed


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