Monday, February 06, 2006

Faith Versus Freedom

I must stress that I rarely watch daytime television. (You don't believe me, do you?). However, I will confess that I was channel hopping on Friday when I stumbled across a programme entitled Make Me Perfect, screened by ITV1, chronicling the extreme makeovers of fifteen women who despised the way they looked. They were each given extensive cosmetic surgery over a very short period of time. I found the whole format profoundly disturbing and wondered at the irresponsibility of the cosmetic surgeons participating in this venture. As my old art teacher used to say: 'There is no true symmetry in nature and there is a kind of beauty in imperfection.' Is there going to be a series devoted to men who are dissatisfied with their appearance?

Somehow I doubt it.

Among other disturbing events that occurred over the weekend were the demonstrations in London against a Danish newspaper that had the 'audacity' to print a cartoon depicting images of the prophet Mohammed. (PBUH or whatever). Firstly, since when was an entire nation responsible for the editorial policy of a single newspaper? Secondly, non-Muslims are under no obligation to adhere to the laws of Islam. No arrests were made in spite of the fact that certain people were carrying placards calling for death to the 'infidels'. The right to protest is inviolable in any democracy but incitement to commit murder is not. I wonder what would happen if I took to the streets and protested every time someone insulted Catholicism. I'd never get anything else done.

Off to consume a slice of toast buttered with lashings of Lurpak.


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