Saturday, July 28, 2007

Website Of The...

Millennium. Not least because it mentions Little Modest Old Me:

Spin off site:

although I'm not sure I like the implication that the art created by its participants is engendered primarily by their mental health problems. Madness = genius is a tired old Cliché in my oh so very humble opinion. I am also disturbed by the 'psychological ghetto' this mindset almost invariably leads to. No one should be defined solely by their illness and this includes the mentally ill.

By the way PC Copperfield, none of them eat newspapers. Credit where credit is due though in the chapter entitled 'Proper Crackers' he did portray the issue of mental illness in both a compassionate and empathetic way. He wrote the following about a man suffering from a severe mental illness:

'Imagine thinking your family is at terrible risk and no one believing you. Just because they weren't didn't make Bill's agonies and fears any more bearable' (Wasting Police Time, p. 219)

With these words PC Copperfield displays more empathy than many psychiatric nurses manage to conjure up in a lifetime.

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