Saturday, March 22, 2008

Redressing the Balance

Those who have been following the divorce proceedings in which Heather Mills and Paul McCartney have been embroiled (until a few days ago that did not include me) may be interested in this. Ms. Mills is 'Lying, vindictive, scheming, manipulative' according to many in the tabloid press. I take it then that their editors will be queuing round the block to offer her a job as these sound like ideal characteristics for a tabloid journalist. And before you start feeling sorry for 'Sir Paul' remember 'The Frog Chorus'* . Now that was a true crime against humanity.

Another article that seeks to redress the balance can be found here. Joan Smith points out that none of the women who formed relationships with 'Sir Paul' were treated particularly well by the press and the public. Many seemed to see the Beatles as public property, incapable of determining the course of their own lives. According to Ms. Smith, Linda McCartney received her share of bad press. She was only elevated to the status of secular saint when she became ill. Even the tabloid press wouldn't stoop so low as to attack a terminally ill woman. And, as the 'Diana' saga illustrated, everybody loves you when you're dead. Finally, whatever Jane Asher's reasons were for terminating her relationship with 'Sir Paul', it was probably one of the best decisions she ever made.

*Listen and puke.

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Anonymous David Duff said...

"everybody loves you when you're dead"

There's hope for me yet!

3:32 pm  

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