Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Come and Have a Go...

I wonder if the Mail on Sunday includes self harm in their list of self inflicted illnesses that are unworthy of treatment or charity. My arms are erupting. And what about EDs? Do they come into that category too. I said they wouldn't print my post and I was correct. They did, however, print this: 'Wimps should be told to stop acting like little children, grow up and get to work or no money.'- Tony Calladine, UK, 29/6/2008 8:24. Social Darwinism. Charming. What next? Eugenics? Hartheim?

And this: 'It's time to stop the rot! The Benefits system needs a complete overhaul so that the British taxpayer doesn't have to support what has become a lifetstyle of choice for some. They are giving genuine claimants a bad name!'- Sue G, Perth, Australia, 29/6/2008 3:13. And you're giving Mail On Sunday readers a bad name. No, wait, they've already got one.

Oh, and a message to certain rather unpleasant and vindictive people who may be reading this and are considering using this information against me, go right ahead. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough. Here's a clue: you're not. I can't bring myself to care. I feel detached. From everything. I wonder how far they'll go. I wonder how hard they'll push. Watch this space. Dissociation has its advantages.  As does not being able to keep food down.  Yeah, I know, grrrrrrross!

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