Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Playing at Being a Secret Agent

I received a new P.I.N. for my credit card which was lost and replaced last week. I am hopeless with those things - on those grounds alone I oppose the introduction of Identity Cards. (A measure being proposed by the current government and opposed by the opposition which is rather odd considering they proposed the same measure when they were in government in 1989. Gotta love cyclical amnesia. But the assumption that we all suffer from it is quite insulting.) The accompanying letter ordered me to dispose of those top secret numbers immediately. So I ate it. I slipped the tiny piece of paper into my mouth. After all, isn't that the way spies dispose of their evidence. Unfortunately, it stuck in the throat and I stood there, discreetly choking to death in the middle of the street. It brought to mind the 'L' Pill they gave Special Operations Executive Agents in World War Two. It would have been kind of inconvenient if one of those had stuck in someone's throat.

Relinquishing the need to belong brings true freedom.


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