Wednesday, November 02, 2005


It's midnight now and I am still not able to sleep. What is going wrong? Why is my body not cooperating with the psychotropic medication I am pumping into it? It's something to do with Guy Fawkes Night. I get like this every year. I am like Freddi - Doug's little West Highland terrier, mentioned several time in this blog - she shudders every time a firework goes off. This is a terrible time of year for animals. Please, people, keep your pets indoors. This is a time of year when you realise just how vicious other members of your species can be.

And it's a terrifying realisation. At least it is for me.

I became all hysterical and upset yesterday because I thought I had lost yet another set of keys. Doug came over and found not only my new keys but my old set as well. I discussed the possibility of moving back home or even into sheltered housing. Am I prepared to sacrifice independence for security?

Doug was saying that the fireworks manufactured today are akin to small explosives. He (half jokingly) suggested that they were more effective than the Sten gun he was issued with which he was fighting in Sicily. It's insanity - these things should not be available to the general public. I have no objection to official, organised displays. Suffice to say this is not a holiday I am particularly fond of. I am counting the minutes until it is over (although it seems to get longer every year.)


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