Thursday, December 22, 2005

'Chaotic Lifestyle'

My Housing Officer telephoned my mother and they proceeded to dissect my life. Apparently I lead a ‘chaotic life style’. ‘But I’ve seen worse,’ my Housing Officer remarked. Oh, how nice of her. By ‘chaotic lifestyle’ they mean papers and books and drawing materials spread out across the floor, my P.D.A., laptop, MP3 player spread out over my bed. I would have thought that was evidence of a productive lifestyle. People are strange. No wonder I avoid them so much. Mother was told that providing ‘support’ for me would cost £50 per week. I cannot stress enough that I have never asked for said ‘support’. It is my mother who thinks I need this. She wants to employ a cleaner or even come up once a month to clean my flat herself. (That is her hobby, you see). It is hoped that my upstairs neighbours won’t be there for much longer as they may be moved into a house. The two children means they are top of the list. Some noise is inevitable, I know, but not so much that it feels as though the ceiling is about to collapse on top of me. At a push the council may provide sufficient funds to strengthen the ceiling. This will happen next year. Along with a new kitchen and a new bathroom and did I mention a new door.

Breathless whirl of shopping ensued yesterday – M&S for a bag, a scarf, a watch for Mother, Borders for books for Mother, father and Doug and HMV for a DVD for my brother: The Rocky Trilogy. I wound up spending about £160 and there’s more to get. I am destitute (Weeeeellll, I do have a few shares in various companies I could call upon and a fund I swore I’d never touch unless absolutely necessary.) Tomorrow I have to get Bella’s Stocking.

And, once again the GP surgery screwed up my medication. So I have to get half today and half tomorrow. I stood before the reception desk imagining myself actually exploding – my head bursting off and hitting the ceiling followed by a fountain of blood … delightful. The receptionist shrugged ‘I had nothing to do with it.’

Finally, I don’t share many views with these whack jobs but this was spot on.


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