Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tick Tock

Sign of recurring depression number one: inability to sleep in spite of copious quantities of medication
Sign of recurring depression number two: a sense of impending doom
Sign of recurring depression number three: reluctance to interact with other members of my species

I think I need to have a chat with Dr S. Because Christmas is coming and the goose is being fattened. And turkeys’ necks are being wrung. Not for my sake though – I am vegetarian. Have a mad shopping spree planned for today. As always I have left everything ‘til the last minute. And the clock goes tick, tick, tick. There is never enough time for these things but I am trying my hardest not to disappoint.

Having said all that: Am I the only one who has difficulty mustering up any sympathy for this guy?

Yes, I realize I am a little behind the times.


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