Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More for me than for anyone else

Daily Essentials:

1. Respond to insurance company
2. Write letter of complaint to council
3. Set up Paypal Account
4. Scan 5 pictures a day
5. Draw 1 picture a day
6. Take set of photographs a day
7. Buy 1 Christmas present a day
8. Eat Five Fruit and Veg a day
9. Make one blog/diary entry per day
10. Set up Deviant Art Account
11. Design site for Poetry Book
12. Pay bills daily (1st thing)
13. Write one poem a day
14. Work on 1 chapter of novel/ OU coursework per day
15. Ring a friend every other day
16. Go to a poetry reading once a week
17. Go to mass every Sunday
18. Visit Nobby every day
19. Work on programming languages twice a week
20. Return laptop
21. Visit housing officer and C.A.B.
22. Return OU form
23. Contact literary agent


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