Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tenancy 'Support'

I have finally received a letter from the 'housing support' officer minus the promised insurance application form:

I write with regard to your recent concerns about living at __ ________ ____ whilst you fear a reocurrence (sic) of a fire from the flat above, which you feel is having an effect on your heatlh (sic) and makes you feel unsafe.

After visiting your flat and discussing this issue with you, I feel that you need some help and support with regard to this and have therefore asked that a support officer from our Tenant Support Team contact you to explain how they may be able to help.

An Officer from Housing Support will contact you to make an appointment to visit you alternatively you can meet at a mutually agreed venue.

With regard to the issue of wanting us to move your neighbour I must inform you that there are no grounds for the council to do this as she has not broken any tenancy conditions. We are aware of the concerns and assure you that the tenant has co-operated fully with the council with regard to her property and her tenancy.

I think that letter speaks for itself. They are basically saying that it is perfectly acceptable for a tenant to set their own flat on fire (by accident or design) three times in one year, throw garbage over the balcony, regularly make enough noise to wake the dead and deliberately flood the tenants' launderette. 'Curiouser and curiouser', said Alice. Or maybe they're not saying that at all. Maybe they're only saying it's okay for certain tenants to do these things. There's something rather weird going on here. Something is very, very rotten at the heart of this organisation. But then I've always known that. From the very beginning. I wonder if Sam will be the housing support officer sent to advise me. I'll tell you about him another time. Suffice to say, things are about to get very interesting.


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