Friday, January 20, 2006

Most People are Liars

'Most people think you look good'
'Well, most people are liars.'

'Sassy and a little vulgar', were the words someone used to describe me. It's lucky I'm not really bothered about what other members of my species think of me.

Participating in a rather heated discussion on *New Forum*. One member is an American student in London. He is finding it a hostile place. 'Well, what do you expect when you study in that there London,' I told him. For the record I personally find New York a lot less scary than London. God knows what I'll do when I do my PhD at UCL. I will have to commute too. What a way to overcome London Phobia - is there a treatment programme for such a 'condition' I can't be the only one suffering from this malaise. (Note to self: 'You have to actually get used to leaving the house before even contemplating a commute to London. I will not allow my world to shrink within four wills (of neglected debts and stolen stereos - Del Amitri) Incidentally, one thing New York has which London does not, is that delightful parallel universe known as Central Park. An oasis in the centre of one of the busiest cities on the planet - a place to envelop yourself in.

Maybe I'd feel differently if I had to go and live there.

And, in the meantime, The Bill is about to kill off one of its most popular characters. Sun Hill is a blood bath. Maybe it's because it is situated in 'that there London'.


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