Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Strip Club

Strip Club

In a room off the street we wait
We prop up the bar, awaiting the entertainment
They seem to come from nowhere like insects swarming
When the rock is lifted. They are only half-alive
In this dark universe
They certainly dazzle me
With their magic words
And distorted imagery

Incantations that dance before our very eyes
And the slow striptease begins and the nakedness
Is worth waiting for. Their soft skin yields
Beneath our imaginary touch.
We salivate
They are collages
This as paper
Held together by glue

Headless, for we never see their faces
We only see their skin as it glistens
Beneath the hot lights and we are bewitched
By this strange and erotic world
We are vampires
We set upon them,
Longing to consume
Longing to devour.

And there are magic mirrors all around
We look and as our reflections rebound
We see something we’ve never seen before
We are pure. It is she who is the whore
We emerge reborn
Gratified and cleansed
Briefcases in hand
We return to real life.


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