Sunday, April 02, 2006


They impose malevolent motives
On these abandoned appendages
Malice or mistake, they proceed
Unrestrained and there remains
Nothing that is Godlike here

Schooled in every region of the world
Geography pitted against custom, history
We did not deserve the prizes were given
For we were unwanted, we came unbidden

Stuck in the slime of strange salutations
In receipt of some watered down welcome
In a land with a sluggish heartbeat
And in this heat, we retreat

We are neither angels nor martyrs
We fear this fair earth - someone else's homeland
A complex wasteland of hideous magnitude
That we will never understand

Years go by and we remain unaware
But skewered to, stranded in this place
In which the natives turn to ice
They melt, they surge forth, we are drowned


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