Monday, March 20, 2006

Why is it...

that I still feel compelled to post the following to online fora:

R.E: Self-Harm (Copying and pasting from a post I contributed to another forum. It's not possible to plagiarise oneself).

4 things we need to take into consideration

1. A teenager may not have developed sufficiently to articulate complex emotions
2. lack of medical/anatomical knowledge so that they may genuinely believe that what you and I can see is a 'superficial' wound/injury is fatal.
3. they may be acting out trauma/abuse that they cannot/are afraid to
4. And finally, it may indeed be an attention seeking ploy but the question needs to be asked: why do they feel that they need attention. Surely attention is a basic human need, nourishment for the spirit. Why then is it regarded as so 'unnatural' to seek it?

It makes no difference anyway.


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