Friday, July 06, 2007

What the Great British Public...

really think of the mentally ill:

She is madder than a box of snakes, if she is living rough in London area its just a matter of time until pc plod feels her collar.

This particular woman obviously has serious psychiatric problems

please remember that for every one nutter out there, there are thousands of us that wish you all the best in the world. Don't let this mad woman ruin your life!

Amazing how such people can operate with impunity, yet normal, decent law abiding people can be shut down, destroyed and disenfranchised so easily by the authorities.

Fatter and older? It appears that a Greater Power has already started her punishment.*

tay safe and with our help we will get this nutter. There are always loons out there too bad one has latched onto you.

she has been a constant pain to me and others in the area and i think she is complelty sick, for what she has been doing to you.

Well done: staying true to yourself in the face of the nutters.

she may be walkin', but she is a cripple!!

Well done. Let's hope that one day she realises just how unpleasant, mendacious and batshit mental she is.

Charming, huh?

More to come.

*Well, duh, everyone 'gets older'. What should we do about that? Shoot every woman when she reaches the age of forty? Shoot every woman who does not live up to some manufactured image of what a woman 'should be'? Nice to know I live in such a compassionate and enlightened society.

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