Sunday, February 03, 2008


Nothing much to report. I stopped visiting a certain blog when I began to use phrases such as 'festering ferrets' , 'deluded Dalmations' , 'pernicious penguins' and 'catatonic kangaroos' (yes, I know that last one doesn't really work) in everyday conversation. Credit where credit is due though - its contributors had some very sweet and comforting things to say about Bella. I keep seeing Bella's 'ghost'. Her image is embedded in my mind so I am seeing what I expect to see. My GP understands. He has his own phantom feline: a cat called Marmalade who died last year. He says it will pass. Eventually.

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Anonymous farouche said...

Louise, you are sweet!

6:05 pm  
Blogger Louise Mills said...

Thank you. Sorry it took so long to acknowledge your post. I only just spotted in my inbox. My mother says I am 'too sweet to be wholesome' but I think she means something very different.


6:57 pm  

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