Thursday, July 03, 2008

Apparently... 'surfing habits' are being scrutinised. And they are not those of a 'normal' person.  Hey, no shit, Sherlock!  I'm not sure what these people think that proves but I'll tell them what it does prove. It's quite simple: the meds I take fuck up my concentration. I do most things in 15 minute spurts, including browsing the web. A few pages here, a few pages there.  If you have a problem with this then feel free to say so. I could send you samples of the meds I take and you could take them for a couple of weeks and we'll see if your reaction is any different. It won't be. Here, some research. Here, have some more.  The cure for ignorance is the acquisition of knowledge.  Try it some time.  Yes, I know, I'm probably shouting into an abyss.

I must learn never to underestimate the capacity of some people for willful ignorance.  I must also remember to never expect the conduct of those who claim to be superior to actually be superior even though that seems to me to be a perfectly logical assumption  to make.

Now, I'm off to see a war veteran about some interesting stories.

A final PS: A special 'Hello' to Dogbreath and Slapper McSquirrel (a middle aged woman who thinks that all references to middle aged women are about her.  Now, that's not egocentric in the least, is it?  She also believes that mental illnesses are 'self created dramas'.  I knew she was a Mail On Sunday reader.  Well, she seems to fit the profile: fingernail deep and as thick as clotted cream.)

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