Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Descent of Dusk

Distant cries as dusk descends
And we gather to worship the immensity
Of the round, yellow moon

Like a medium that guides us
Conception and connection preoccupy us
The lineage of the Moon Goddess

Is exalted, rescuing us
From the bland sterility of the bright day
For we are nocturnal

Weakened by whiteness
We gloated as the sun dissolved
Surrendering to the dark

We delight in the essence of twilight
An escape from the flowing, shrieking river
Of torment that is the blue day

And the lion-hearted moon
Grows ever larger as the night marches on
And we dance and dance

We are slender stripes glistening,
Listening, trembling sheets of metal
The stars are miracles

That arouse the visionary
In each of us and dreams and ideas burst forth
Like some explosive charge


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