Monday, November 07, 2005


I spent Sunday night listening to 'the peanut-crunching crowd' chattering away on TalkSport or rather, WhineSport. What a bunch of complete and utter half-wits. As was their presenter: Charlie Wolf - expounding upon his view of the world's political climate or 'the whole political mess' as he calls it. He is anti-left (constantly quoting Melanie Phillips) - that end of the political spectrum are responsible, according to this sage, for all the ills that beset the world - anti-Muslim; and this from a man who perpetually denigrates one of our greatest institutions: the N.H.S. and insists that Americans are genetically superior to the rest of the world - yes, he actually said that. My message to him is: 'Look in the mirror, sweetheart!' And, naturally, according to this charming gentleman, Tony Blair is evil incarnate: the cult of the personality raises its hideous head. He doesn't seem to realise that we do not have a presidential system in this country, we have a Cabinet government who sit down and discuss planned legislation. I wonder if the nauseating sycophants who phone into Mr. Wolf's show deserve a democracy. ('The worst system of government apart from all the others' - Churchill, I think.) Do they need someone to seize the rudder?

Oh yes, I am most definitely a WhineSport Addict. I love to laugh at the sycophantic listeners who ring in and their first sentence is usually: 'Hello, Charlie! I agree with everything you say!'

Naturally, he laps it up but if I were the presenter (God forbid!) I would puke all over my microphone and reply: 'Well, I think you're a big, fat marshmallow. Do you agree with that?'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think you know how the British system works...Blair discusses very little with his cabinet, he uses a 'kitchen cabinet' of close colleagues (mp or not).

The number of labour mp's means that blair does not need to be a 'chairman' of the cabinet, like say John Major.

Instead, Blair is 'presidential' in his manner like thatcher, ruling by dicktat.

Cabinet sessions are, apparently, like a closed room Prime Minister Questions.

He certainly has a presidential style, he certainly campaigns elections as if it is a vote for him, he certainly acts like he thinks he is the head of state, like a king, closing roads for his benefit, pointing his nose in the air and disappearing his critics at will.

Madam Blair rides in a free government car on closed roads surrounded by escorts as she opens buildings and gives talks on her life as 'first lady' trying to be photographed.

How yawningly boring you are.

2:49 am  

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