Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Said it Couldn't Get Any Colder...

but it has. The heating is on full, yet I am still sitting at my desk shivering. I had a social engagement with Lisa but she telephoned and cancelled because of the weather. And Snobs Reunited is as infuriating as ever. And now for the good news - I managed to have a halfway civilised conversation with Charlie Wolf of Talksport. He let me have my say rather than launching into a monologue. I splashed out on two new long velvet skirts today - very elegant - photos to come. And anxiety is eating away at me from the inside. Apologies for my incoherent, fragmentary tone.

I have shortlisted universities offering the course I want to do. I have a place at UEA but I am considering other options - UCL, Birkbeck, Birmingham. We shall see. I am in no hurry. Thirty ain't what it used to be, right? Sex and the City was evidence of that. I shall elaborate further tomorrow.

And finally...
R.I.P. George Best. I offer my condolences to his friends and family, for what it's worth.


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