Monday, December 12, 2005

Dreaming and Scheming and Screaming

Beyond my shroud, beyond my borders
Something hideous and yet heavenly
Unsurpassed by what I have experienced
They are burdensome, these limitations

I do not engage in repartee with those around me
I am jaded, devoid of both expectation and apprehension
I glance outwards. I fix my gaze
Beyond their horizon for I inhabit

An isolated inner island. My heart is momentarily
Elevated. I stand on the precipice
Edges darkened with sorrow
I find myself dreading tomorrow

A blade poised to descend
Their brilliance, their vitality, is killing me
There is nothing here to revitalise me
And they bemoan my apparent inflexibility

While I long for the immensity of the ocean
I will never see, those shifting blue waters,
It is far too calm here
As sunset sucks the life out of the land

I do nothing underhand
But dream and scheme and scream within
Wild eyes hidden by dark glasses
No feelings revealed, everything concealed

The land is too solid beneath my feet
And those pale people press against me
A coal black sky descends
It shows no mercy for anybody.


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