Thursday, December 15, 2005

In Hibernation

Sleep, sleep, sleep. I am in hibernation for the winter.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, a group of teenage 'Happy Slappers' kicked a man to death. If this isn't murder then could somebody please tell me what is? They were found not guilty of murder and convicted of manslaughter. A baffling decision by the jury imho.

I telephoned my housing officer yesterday and demanded to know how she intended to 'resolve the issues' I have with my delightful upstairs neighbour. She told me that she thought the issues had been resolved. ('I don't come out looking for trouble,' she told me coldly after denying that she had ever promised to get back to me. It's strange then that Doug swears that he heard her say exactly that.) She went on to inform me that she knew how the fire had started but (and this is where it gets really absurd) she couldn't pass any information onto me because it was 'confidential'. I emailed her with extracts from this very blog. After a couple of 'phone calls I was connected to my H.O.'s supervisor who promised to send me details of the council's own insurance policy and told me that she would investigate the situation further.

Platitudes designed to placate?

And so the saga continues...


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