Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nothingness Between Us

There is nothing in the channel
Between our two countries. Nothing
But blackguards, pirates

Bent on our annihilation
They amass themselves on every border
The darkness gathers overhead

Nothing legitimate remains
And we take the easy path - we surrender
Our victim status is engendered

We are bound down
By wave after wave of hate and onlookers
Sit back and they contemplate

Flaxen haired nurses
From the other side of the world
Wander among the wounded

Beneath an expansive, turquoise sky
Far above the flavour and the stench
Of fear, of blood, of death

And everything pauses
As they stoop down among
Endless columns of refugees

Agile and skilled
Dressed in crisp white uniforms
They genuflect to the abandoned


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