Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gossips in the Suburbs

Gossips in the suburbs
Dwelling upon my debauchery
Their noses twitch. Their tongues wag
Imprisoned within my dry, sardonic eye
I am hollow now and my highbrow
Interests arouse their suspicion
I have violated some sacred tradition

My self-sufficiency is my deficiency
My long-forgotten flaws are resurrected
And the devil drives and drags
My spirit out of the mire
My life-force wells up, it overflows
In the end I was led astray
Or so they say

Those mendacious madams surround me
I will not succumb to their demands
For this is the role I play
The evil bitch, the local witch
And viciously they turn on me
'The time for waiting is over,' they say,
'And now you are going to pay.'


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