Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Knock, FFS!

Slightly annoyed. Waited in all yesterday for Lynx Express Limited to deliver my shiny, new iBook. At six o'clock I discovered that someone had attempted to deliver it. He must have tapped on the front door. The note he pushed through the letterbox to tell me that he had been, saw, conquered (or maybe not) was caught up in the net curtain. He had been at one o'clock. I was definitely in and did not hear a thing. Why didn't he ring me? Surely he carries a mobile 'phone. Grrrrr. frustrated and annoyed. Another day of waiting. I'll take the earphones off (industrial strength because of the Madwoman in the Attic.) I did inform them of this. I told them to knock loudly.


Like a child on Christmas Eve.


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