Thursday, March 09, 2006


I am mute.

I choke against every morsel, it sticks in throat, down it slides to a bloated tummy and, finally, the fat will cleave to my bones and the little girl inside me will retreat. Will I ever be able to reach her, because Bella, to her credit, is still as affectionate and nowhere near as BellaCat and hostile as the cats we hear roaming the streets every night. She is mainly an indoor cat now. I think she is intimidated by the younger, more-confidant bully cats who have taken over the entire area. Bella herself was a bully cat awhile ago. Perhaps these cats Bella is so afraid of have returned to take their revenge. Bella is now 16 years old. In 'cat years' she'd be nearly three-hundred. She is very miffed at the Queen's failure to send her a telegram.

She is now a fervent Republican
See, I told you cats are fickle
That's why they don't have the vote ;-)


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