Friday, August 25, 2006

Pale Planet Descending

I compose an ode to this euphoria
Desolation inside out, upside down
So bright, so bright it keeps me up
All night and I am blinded by its light
I dazzles everything around, illuminating
The lost and found. In flight it hurts
It tunnels through my skull

And draws the onlookers; the voyeurs
It penetrates flesh and crushes bone
It unifies. It takes me home
But inside I die, inside I cry
This inner world is a lonely region
A pale planet descending
A rotating cataclysmic ball

It falls to the floor; it breaks
Blood spills out and I ache
The melody escapes and the watchers
They awake. They dance in time
To this summertime rhyme
I have cut through this bovine throng
Like a silver and deadly sword


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