Monday, June 04, 2007

Interview with a Bollywood 'Star'

Shilpa I
Shilpa II
Shilpa III

I found her tedious, vacuous, and horribly self-obsessed. I'd like to know from people who were charmed by her - at what point in the interview did Ms. Shetty's putative intellectual prowess manifest itself? And where was this legendary 'dignity'? A woman in her thirties giggling like a school girl is not my idea of dignified behaviour.

Finally, an extract from the 'Rapid Fire Question' round:

Interviewer: If you woke up as Jade Goody tomorrow, what would you do?

(*How old are these people again?)

The Delightful Ms. Shetty: (giggles) I'd kill myself.

What a perfectly charming young woman.

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