Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This Is So Fucked Up...

This is the first account I have encountered that even makes an attempt at being objective. This whole sorry episode reveals what people really think of the mentally ill. To call it a 'witchhunt' is an understatement. Another blogger castigated Ms. Lowde for what he called her 'evil deeds'. On his own blog he called her a cyberterrorist. In another post he defends a former IRA RL terrorist. In what kind of moral universe can the former possibly be seen as worse than the latter. These people really terrify me.

Scroll down for this quote:

'Don't get on the soapbox about the Criminal justice system being soft on murder. Your (sic) soft on cyber stalking. Then again you are a bully.'

Madness. Absolute madness.

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Blogger Alexander Fear said...

Hi Louise,

Thanks for your link. As you can see by my original post, I speculated at one point that FJL could be an entirely made-up publicity stunt. Although it appears that she was real and has "stalked" others on the net, the amount of hypocrisy I've read from bloggers who consider themselves liberals is unbelievable.

FJL obviously has issues and if someone couldn't deal with her gracefully they should have just ignored/deleted her.

I won't link to his blog but there is one blogger who staunchly defended Rachel North as a victim, who is currently attacking the victims of a far worse crime than cyberstalking- the parents of missing Madeliene McCann.

Well done for speaking your mind on this incident! There are few of us out there who have been able to stand back and consider it rationally and mercifully.

10:03 am  
Blogger Louise Mills said...

Karpman's Triangle: Victim - persecutor - rescuer. I'm sure many saw themselves in the latter role. I'm sure many were well-intentioned but what is the road to hell paved with?

7:52 am  

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