Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's Official...

If you are a size 12 you are now a heffalump and, according to the fashion industry nothing above a size 2-4 will do (Auschwitz chic is so adorable, dontcha think?) and nothing and no one can ever change that - even feminists. (Sound familiar? I wonder if Emmeline Pankhurst ever heard the words 'women can't vote and nothing and no one can ever change that - even feminists'.) This is my idea of beauty. I'd say she's probably a size 12. Take that, you masochistic Fashionistas!

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Anonymous farouche said...

ummm... more of a 14, I'd say.

that's why I enjoy so much shopping in Holland: you can easily find fancy stuff -- I mean not the dull Swiss-nanny-uniform-like or (worse) trapeze-or-rather-circus-marquee-like clothes traditionally reserved to women above size 16 in other countries -- in sizes up to 22, for generally affordable prices.

(to whom it may concern: I proudly wear size 20, mostly bones and muscles, with an extra coating of comfortable plumpness into the bargain.)

11:06 pm  

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