Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Neighbour

...Doug who is ninety told me of a dream he had. He was standing in a clearing in a forest with his wife and a childhood friend. 'Where have you been?' she asked him. 'We've been waiting such a long time.' Variations upon a theme - Doug has had this dream before. It is not always his wife who is waiting for him. Sometimes it is his wartime comrades. Sometimes it is me. Any dream analysts in the house?

From the profound to the trivial - my new Mac Mini arrived today. Pictures to be uploaded soon.

Less exciting news: I also bought a Dyson. All the better to clean Bella Cat's fur with. She is an indoor cat and sheds all year round. She is also a tortoiseshell white so the fur she sheds is multicoloured - black, white and brown. No fabric is left unmarked by Bella's presence. She is sitting at my feet now, plump and smug. An old-lady feline.

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