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From some old git who calls himself Allove:
(And I now know who he is. His views on other things seem reasonable enough. I am at a loss to know why he feels so strongly about this issue. It's all very strange. Maybe he has a touch of the 'White Knight Syndrome'. Actually 'he' isn't a 'he' at all. It's...wait for it, drumroll etcetera...Mrs Doyle - Father Ted's housekeeper. Of course, Father Ted is no longer with us but she still has Father Dougal to take care of. What's she doing faffing about on the internet when she should be looking after him? Gwan gwan gwan, get back to Craggy Island. There will be a spin-off series soon in which Mrs Doyle leaves Craggy Island, gets stalked, sets up a revenge blog and becomes a Mac Geek.)

Based on her comments, I should say this young woman is a deeply lonely and bored person.

(No. I am a young (ish) woman who expected more, much more from 'decent', 'educated', 'reasonable' people. I expected people who *claimed* to be superior to actually *be* superior. More sophisticated, kinder, gentler. I clearly expected more than you could give. I won't be making that mistake again.)

Based on her comments I bet she plays the "I've got a mental illness" card when challanged about her behaviour at any level.

(Do you play the 'I'm a Moronic Fuckwit' card at every opportunity? Well, you should.)

Another symptom of the "I'm a victim society"

Personally I prefer the "I'm a survivor society"

(Personally, I prefer the 'Shut the Feck Up and Get on With It Society'. And how are we (you, me and the other sad morons on the Spoof Blog) survivors? Have we been in combat? Survivors - how pretentious is that?)

Can I just add the disclaimer that this observation of this anon comments personality is based on comments only and cannot be carried on as an inference as to the sum of anyone's 'real life' character.

(Can I just say that the above sentence makes no sense? I'm sure there should be an apostrophe or two in there somewhere and maybe even a question mark. Punctuation exists for a reason. Now, kindly F.O.A.D.)

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allove | 07.03.08 - 1:39 pm | #

And based on your comments I'd say you are a first class hypocrite.

Tell me, are the people who call themselves 'victims' of Ms. Lowde symptoms part of what you call a 'victim society''? They also call themselves 'victims' of 'abuse'. (Maybe they should visit a few survivors of child abuse websites and then they'll see what real 'abuse' is. Y'know like sexual and physical abuse.) I don't recall anyone saying that they are a survivor of Ms. Lowde's actions. Why one rule for one group of people and another for another group of people? Ms. Lowde's main victim even uses the word 'victim' in the summary of her website. (Addendum: Which she is perfectly entitled to do. If there is a perpetrator then there is a victim.) Is she a part of what you call 'the victim society''? Or maybe you're 'projecting' .

Why are you holding me to a higher standard of behaviour than you hold Ms. Lowde's 'victims' to? The inconsistency of your position is really quite funny. Unless, of course, you're expecting only what you think people are capable of.

Funnily enough I've never heard Nobby (a veteran of WWII) call himself a victim of anything. Of course, in the strange, little, screwed up world inhabited by the group of people Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Lord/Lady Allove is a member of, Ms. Lowde is capable of inflicting far more damage than the Nazis ever could.

That's brave. Ask someone a question and then ban them from your site. Now, that's what I call an 'avoidance' technique. That's what I would call avoiding accountability for your behaviour on every level. Could use an anonymizer, could use a proxy server but I really can't be bothered. Maybe later. Bystander apathy is not my style.

The reactions to Mr. (whatever his status is) Allove remind me a little of what a 'macfanatic' friend of mine told me about a visit to Macworld recently. He told me that everything Steve Jobs said in his keynote address was greeted with a round of applause. 'He could have said 'the sky is blue' and he would have been praised for uttering such a profound insight and been given a standing ovation.'

A message to a certain new visitor: How did you make your way here then? It certainly wasn't via my link on that spoof blog you frequent because there isn't one. Could you pass on a message to the poster who calls himself 'Chortling Coati' who seems to believe that 'fresh air' is a cure for schizophrenia? In words you can understand: 'You is a bit fick, innit?'

Oh and remember this: 'Resentment is a little like taking poison and hoping your enemy will die'. It's also corrosive and can be fatal.

Ciao Sweeties. It's been fun.

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yes. actually you do.

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