Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Are They Doing?

In times of increasing uncertainty, people cling to false dichotomies. 

You are eating.  A plateful of crisp lettuce and ripe red baby tomatoes.  You look away briefly. When you look back your once appetizing meal is covered in beetles.  They have made it their home.  You scream and cover your eyes.  Your mother comes over.  'Look, Mummy, look, there are insects crawling all over my food.'

She looks at your plate.  'There's nothing there, 'rie.  You must eat it. The doctor says...'

You run to your room and slam the door.  You are safe.  You look down.  Your carpet is covered in a seething mass of black beetles. You scream.  An hour later you are in the back of a doctor's car on the way to the acute ward.  And your skin is crawling with black insects. And you know that this is no escape.

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