Thursday, March 17, 2005

The World Outside My Window

The world outside my window disappeared for a while but it thrust its way back in. In the form of Michael Jackson and what will inevitably be a farcical trial. The TV camera focused on the crowd thronging outside the 'courthouse'. A rotund woman, her belly wobbling beneath her tracksuit, stepped forward to say her piece. She declared that her faith in 'Michael' was so absolute that she had given up her job, her home, her family in order to camp outside the courtroom and demonstrate her support for the great man. Whether Jackson is guilty or not is perhaps not the most disturbing issue here. Michael Jackson is undeniably talented but this does not make him incapable of evil acts. It does not make him some kind of infallible deity. He has legions of fans who appear to be willing to do anything for him. And they call me a nutter! To many, celebrities are the nouveaux aristocracy. And they can do no wrong.


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