Sunday, November 13, 2005

Why Do I Do this to Myself

Once again Charlie Wolf has managed to profoundly irritate me. He seems to believe (and I may have misinterpreted him) that schools that offer their pupils the option of breakfast are part of a plot by the state to take over the role of parent. He went further and called it Communism. Whatever! He also accused the French of being 'yellow' because of their failure to deal successfully with the riots that have spread like an epidemic through their major cities. He made some smug remark about the Nazi Occupation of World War II. He should read a book I have just finished called Sisters of the Resistance which chronicles the tenacity and courage of female members of the French resistance (some of whom were sent to Ravensbruck, some of whom were shot). He attributes the current civil unrest to the 'failure of the French social model'. He has a very short memory. The U.S. has had its share of civil unrest. To what does he attribute the L.A. riots? A failure of 'the American social model'. I doubt it. America is a Utopia. Which is why Mr. Wolf is living in the U.K.

There is an exquisite vegetarian restaurant called The Rainbow Café in Cambridge, opposite Kings College Chapel. Lisa and I ate there last night. I had Latvian Potato Bake and Lisa had Spinach Lasagne. We had apricot crumble for dessert - an unnecessary indulgence. I can only described it as heavenly. We competed the meal with a bottle of organic Italian white wine.

I seek pleasure in simple things.


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