Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Really Am On a Roll

In response to this:

When Jade Goody was relentlessly abused by the Tabloid Press in the first series of Big Brother in which she appeared many columnists in the Guardian and other broadsheets it was suggested that there was a racial motive behind these attacks. (She is of West Indian descent). Fast forward to CBB5 and this was completely forgotten. Shilpa Shetty initiated the hostility in the Big Brother House by making derogatory comments about Ms. Goody's class origins. Bigotry is bigotry and, as far as I am concerned one form of bigotry is just as reprehensible as another. And, as if it matters, I am from a working class background and have experienced prejudice based on my gender and my class. The Guardian used to be a newspaper that championed the cause of the economically disadvantaged but I guess its response to this episode illustrates that broadsheet journalists are just as susceptible to the whims of fashion as everyone else.

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