Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Accompany me on my journey
Over the sea. I am leaving
A country whose soil
Is stained with blood
I am the iconoclast
Cast in the role of villain

This is a kind of primal tribalism
I set myself apart for I am neither
The devil nor the divine
I swim against the tide
I resist the divide
I will not surrender

But they hunt in packs,
The emotional bloodhounds
I stand between them and their prey
I am pushed aside and we watch
As she ascends the scaffold
Old and mad and terrified

They celebrate their conquest
They serve as mutual mirrors
In this land of polarity
There is no dawn, no twilight
There is only day, there is only night
They will never love me
But their love was and always will be
A prize not worth possessing
A desire to belong used to burn inside me
It will not return for I know now
That their missiles do not always
Hit their target

For even they cannot hold back the night
Even they cannot hold back the tide
Even they cannot hold back the chaos
One day it will come rushing in
It will engulf them. Eventually.

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