Friday, July 25, 2008

Rachel from north London: Last year I killed a man

Rachel from north London: Last year I killed a man . In this post Ms. North links to an article in The Guardian written by a train driver whose train had 'on a perfectly normal summer's day' mown down a man who had stepped onto the tracks and calmly waited for death.  Last year a friend of mine took a large overdose of her prescribed medication and lay down to die.  Someone found her and she was taken to hospital.  On the way there one of the paramedics told her, 'You did not really intend to die.  If you had you would have thrown yourself from a building or jumped in front of  a train'.  Damned if you do, equally damned if you don't.  Perhaps someone should send this compassionate paramedic a copy of the linked article.

In case you're wondering where I have been, I am now sovereign of this kingdom.

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