Sunday, June 17, 2007

On a Blog Near You

Just a few salient points:

1) Jade Goody is badly educated in comparison to Ms. Shetty but have you stopped to wonder why? She spent most of her childhood looking after her mentally-ill, drug-addicted mother. How did the Upper-Caste Ms. Shetty cope with that - oh, that's right - she didn't have to.
2) Ms. Goody is of West Indian descent - she has West Indian features - much of the media's mockery is a result of this. Ironically, Ms. Shetty conforms to Western ideals of beauty more than Ms. Goody.
3) Could someone please tell me how people arrive at the conclusion that Ms. Shetty is intellectual. She failed to watch a single episode of Big Brother before agreeing to appear on the show and seems ignorant of the origins of its title. Germaine Greer observed that there was bullying on Big Brother when she walked out of the programme two years ago. My response was 'Well, duh'. The programme's title is derived from a novel that depicts a totalitarian state governed by a capricious, malevolent dictator known as 'Big Brother'. Bullying? In that kind of environment? Who'd have thought it?

4) Finally, how, for the love of cake, does this sully the reputation of Britain? There are 60 million people in this country and less than 8 million watch Big Brother. As the Americans would say: 'Do the math'.

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